What I Learned From My Breasts

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For as long as I can remember I have had breasts. I know I know...you may be thinking to yourself "Ashley, stop over exaggerating". But trust me honey I am not. 

I started my period when I was 8 years old, and have had growing breasts since the age of 6. I know right! Something had to be in the water for me to start dealing with womanly issues so early in life. Even while being a teenager in high school, I began to feel that I was the only person going through the big bust struggle. To be able to operate fully during cheerleading practice and games, I had to wear one regular bra and 2 sports bras to control my then size H cup breasts while the rest of my teammates would slip on their dainty sports bras and skip to practice like life is amazing. Ugh...I could not stand them lol.

My mother did not have huge breast and I never thought to look for other options that would make my childhood experience more comfortable. So for the longest time I was walking around trying to be comfortable in the wrong size bras. I would even go as far as to say I was also wearing the wrong type of bras that were not made for my curvier figure. 

When I was in college, I had the first thought that there had to be something better out there. And of course, like so many other women that are new to fashion, I decided to go to the first undergarment specialty store that I knew of...Victoria Secret. I walked into VS and immediately started looking through their very beautiful and sexy bra selection. After going through several racks, I noticed that I did not see any bras that would fit me. So, I went to a woman that worked there and asked here if she could help me because I have not found anything that would fit me. She glanced over my breast with this "uh oh" face. She took the time to measure me, but then after said "We actually don't carry anything in your size."

That could have been the end to everything and I could have just been left with a shot to my confidence. But this VS sales associate was so nice! She walked me a few stores down to Lane Bryant. We walked up to the store manager and introduced ourselves. The Victoria Secret sales associate did not leave until the Lane Bryant manager smiled and said "Don't worry we have everything you'll need." I've been in love ever since.

Because of this beautiful experience, I have been shopping at Lane Bryant for my bras ever since. I left that day with 3 new bras that have changed my perspective on how my breasts are supposed to look and feel under my clothes. I was 19 and It was the first time in my lIfe my breasts were sitting pretty in my bra! Now, I pretty much stock up during the semi-annual sale with about 4-6 new pieces. I just can't believe this option has been out for me during all of those hard cheerleading practices, but I wouldn't change my learning experience one bit.

Tell me, how have you learned from being a curvy woman and shopping for the perfect bra?