This Summer's Skin Care Must Haves

Currently, it's 95° in Houston, and I have been so focused on keeping my skin from drying out. No one wants to walk around with dry, flaky skin that screams of thirst. The first thing to do is use preventive care for your skin. So this is the perfect time for me to share some of my beauty products that have kept my skin moisturized during the summer.



After washing my face, I make sure to use the Truth Serum Collagen Booster by Ole Henriksen. This is to moistize my skin and lay a good foundation vitamin C to help evenly toned skin. Actually, I'm almost out so I need to make a quick trip to Sephora real soon.


Now let's get to my favorite brand of beauty, Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.). I love their products not only because they are super affordable, but they work great and you can never beat their prices. If it's daytime, I would definitely use the Daily Hydration moisturizer for my face. When I use the daily hydration moisturizer with the Hydro Boost Water-Gel, I get the best protection from the sun and my skin stays moisturized for the entire day.

Once a day, I wash my face with the Pure Skin Face Cleanser from First Aide Beauty. I only do this once daily, because I do have sensitive skin prone to drying out over excessive chemicals. This product is free of any harmful chemicals, alcohol and fragrance which makes it perfect for my sensitive skin.



If I need to have more protection and plan on being outside, instead of using the truth serum I would use the Hydroboost Water-Gel with SPF 15 sunscreen by Neutrogena. This really helps moisturize my skin especially my T-zone which can dry out pretty fast.



If I am moisturizing before bed, I use the Nourishing Night Cream by Eyes Lips Face. It sort of has a gel-like texture and feels very lightweight, but it really hydrates your face throughout the night. This way you wake up beautiful and happy.

Be sure to check out some of these products and see if they work for you before the summer is over. All of these are very affordable. Honestly, if they weren't I wouldn't be using them lol.

Until next time my loves,

-Ashley B.