Target-A piece of Heaven on Earth


When I lived in Huntsville, TX while going to Sam Houston State University, I remember a Target opening in town. Now this was a small college town, not a whole heck of a lot was going on in Huntsville outside of college events (or nothing I heard of). So when the Target opened, all I could hear was how everyone was so excited to shop there or work there. I didn't understand all of the hype. Target wasn't a store me and my family frequented much.

Fast forward about five years later when I needed a gift for my goddaughter and co-worker. The only store on the way to visiting my God daughter was a Target, so I stopped there to get both gifts and lets just say I've been hooked ever since. I go there for everything now while passing up more convenient stores just to get to Target. First of all, the lights in the beauty section are just captivating and make me want to explore some never seen products while still finding my go to products are great deal prices. Now when I go, I have to limit myself to a budget, because my hands and the basket get a little too friendly sometimes. Check out some of my Target favorites below & maybe take a trip to get acquainted with their products and pricing deals.

Until next time my loves,

Ashley B.