No More Muumuus - Meet A Plus Style

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Nowadays, it is hard to find trendy clothing to cater to all of the different plus size personalities and styles out in the market. I personally have a hard time finding great clothes and brands I can depend on to address the different moods I tend to have when I'm getting ready for the day.

Then of course when we find great clothing, we have to deal with the pricing category. Yes, I strongly believe that you get what you pay for and I am one of the women not willing to sign my life over for a piece of clothing. 85% of the time I just want great clothes at affordable prices that gives me to confidence to go out in the world and let these curves give life!

I came across on instagram when Plus Model Magazine posted one of their pieces. They happen to be one of the few affordable brands that I have seen that has great pieces addressing many different styles in the plus size industry. So of course I had to give this skater dress a whirl...literally. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but check out some of the picks. I happen to look great...toot toot.

While offering sizes 10 to 26, I feel they have some great choices for some of my loves out there. So, the founder was nice enough to partner with RTL and offer my readers a discount for the month of August 😜 enter promo code "rulestolife" at checkout and get a special discount off your order. Plus, there is free shipping on orders $79.99 and up. Head on over to their site and have fun!


Until next time my loves,

-Ashley B.