Keeping it Comfy with Converse

So, you guys don't know me extremely well yet, but when you do you'll learn that I love to be comfortable. In every situation I look for comfort. Whether it be home décor, vehicle purchases, travel arrangements, and all the way down to fashion I'm always trying to be comfortable.

Unfortunately, this is not always a good thing lol, but in this cases such as shopping I take much delight in making sure I'm comfortable. Lets be real, what exactly are you doing when you are shopping? Your searching for something that can satisfy a personal desire or need. So while I'm out shopping for new clothes I don't want to be worried about the clothes I have on at the time. All of my focus needs to be centered around what I'm trying to take home at the end of the day *rubs hands*.

So what you see now is my go to outfit when I am out shopping. I throw on a pair of jeans, a nice V-neck tee (because on the low, my neckline looks better when there is a little cleav visible) and I tie up my converse. Now the T-shirt may differ from time to time and the brand of jeans may change as well, but what always remains consistent are my converse.

I personally favor the lo sneaker over the hi tops. There is a mono red pair that I am dying to have, but I've been playing too many games and haven't went to the store yet. Any who, these are just so comfortable to me. You can put them on with some no show socks and just go. The main reason I love them is they add a little character to my outfit. I don't like to have to try too hard to look cute or feel good in what I'm wearing so, I find what compliments my figure & add something that will show a little of my character. At the end of the day remember you always want to feel good in what you're wearing when you walk out the door.

If you're like me and love to be comfortable, but don't want to sacrifice being cute I would suggest trying these bad boys out and spicing them up in your own special way!

Until next time my loves,

Ashley B.