How to Purchase the Perfect Bra

Yes, those huge watermelons above have helped me learn how to shop for great bras. I don't know about you guys, but I need all the support I can get 😂 During all of my trial and errors I have come up with 4 tips that will help any woman shop for the perfect bra. Lets get into the details for a second...

  • Get Sized: You may be thinking "duh Ashley, how else would I know what size to get", but you would be surprised. Many women stick with the bra that just "fits" and not one that was made for them. Like, technically I can "fit" an 44F, but I would run the risk of having 4 breast. (You know the extra meat that hangs over the top of your bra when you're wearing the wrong size...I call that 4 breast) My true bra size is a 42G. So whenever your body changes be sure to get sized. Whether you're losing weight, gaining weight, just had a baby, or what ever it may be. Those things will effect your bra size.
  • Think of your wardrobe and your go to colors: Some women may not feel this is as important, but just think about it. You are wearing a bra under pretty much everything so it's an investment. (except the women who have the luxury of going braless... I envy you at times 😒) In order to have the right bra with the right outfits, you need to know what you have in your closet. For instance, I wear a lot of black so I tend not to invest much money in print or light colored bras. Also, I have spaghetti strap tops and tube dresses so it makes since for me to invest in strapless bras as well. Theres no need in buying a lot of bras, but end up wasting your money because their style does not fit your wardrobe.


  • List your problem areas: If you want to have the best support while looking and feeling great, then this step is a must. In this step you have to be truly honest with yourself so you know the right areas to look for in a bra. For example, it's not secret my breast are huge. So my number one need in a bra is lift. Since lifting is so important, all of my bras have wires, because they help in supporting this heavy load. Also, I have plenty of back fat, so to smooth out those areas I invest in back smoothing bras. (see below) 
  • Bulk buy during sale events: And when I say "bulk" I mean purchase about 4-5 bras during sale events. I always purchase my bras during Lane Bryant's Semi Annual sale. They tend to run about $40-$60 a pop, so I definitely have to shop during the sales events. To be honest, I only shop for bras once a year. If you find yourself shopping for bras more than this, you may want to go with a more dependable brand.

Well, after seeing my boobs I think we've gotten close enough to chat for a bit. Comment below! Tell me some issues you've run into when bra shopping or other tips you've found to be helpful. I'm sure we all would appreciate hearing your point of view.

Until next time my loves,

-Ashley B.