Dare to Be Different

"Comparison is the thief of joy"-Theodore Roosevelt
Houston Mural

As long as I can remember, I was comparing myself to everyone else. Whether it be my figure, talents, my progress in life, health, education, etc. You name it and I was comparing it at one point. My mind would run frantic with observations of me being different than the people I would frequently company. There are many times I would go out with friends and find myself feeling very awkward and out of place. It's not that I didn't belong, but I was not comfortable with being myself.

What I learned while gaining more confidence is that being different is a blessing. With social media at it's highest peak, we are surrounded by imitators and duplicators of style and personality because of what people see on the internet. No one stands out because they are a great "replica" of another person, but because they are original, different, and something fresh and never before seen. I have become more comfortable with myself everyday. I am always learning new things about myself, things I may want to change and those I want to keep because they make me who I am. The key is to build yourself into the woman you want to be without spending so much time focusing on what other women are doing.

We have to embrace what makes us different. Try not to worry about following trends and keeping up with everyone else, because you will cut yourself short. You never know where your originality may take you in life. Who knows, you could turn out greater than the person you were comparing yourself to...

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Houston Mural
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dare to be different