5 Tips for Better Plus Size Shopping


We all have had those moments where we're out shopping and we just can't seem to find the right match. The shirt you just tried on fits everywhere else but around your breast. Those jeans that are your size don't hide the muffin top you are self conscious about. And don't get me started on that body con dress. Yeah we've all been there, but thank God we can learn from every bad piece of clothing we pick! So here are some tips I've created for myself to help with all of the shopping I plan to do.

1. Play with the sizes & snatch your match! So lets get into dress sizes. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a universal sizing code that all companies go by. I mean if there were a 3X at Forever 21 would be the same fit as a 3X at Torrid...but it ain't. I'm sure I am not the only one who has struggled with this. So, what I do is play with the different sizes at each brand to find the perfect fit for me. If you're unfamiliar with the sizing at a store you want to try out, play with their size. When trying on a new brands clothing for the first time, grab 3 pieces. this would be your true size, one size below it, and one size above it. This is how I've come to learn that I wear a 1X at Old Navy, a 3X at Forever 21, and a size 2X at Torrid. Mind you none of these are my true size, but they all fit me perfectly so I just go with it.


3. Bros before Hoes (or whores) 😂 I am all about brand loyalty! Now don't get me wrong I love trying out new brands, but when it comes to certain everyday items I go to the bands that I know have clothing that fits me best. First of all, it saves me a ton of time on shopping for essentials and it keeps my closets full.


5. Get to know your fabrics & materials: There are certain fabrics I just can not wear in certain clothing items. Four instance, if I purchase a piece of clothing because of how it looked on me when I tried it on, I want to make sure it will look the same way for the entire day. I do a lot of moving around, so I want to make sure my clothes fit properly. This is why I pay attention to the amount of spandex in each of the garments I purchase. I don't want to buy pants that do not have enough spandex in them and I end up with a saggy booty around 12pm 😒

Honestly, these are just some of the tips that I stick with when doing my shopping. Now I need your help. Comment below! Tell me if you like this post & if you find it helpful for plus size women to know when building their wardrobe. If so, I will gladly create another post with some more of my helpful shopping tips. Thanks for the help guys and hope to hear from you soon!

Until next time my loves,

-Ashley B.


2. Know your measurements: It is really important to know your measurements, especially with online shopping. Since with brands not all the sizes are the same across the board, you can add less stress to your shopping experiences when checking out some new clothing. Here are the measurements you need to take. (1. bust, 2. hips, 3. waist, 4. inseam (the inside of your leg from the "crotch" to ankle), 5. length of your waist to ankle, & 6. the length from your shoulder across your breast to the top of your waist.)


4. Picture yourself...not the model: This is the most important thing I've learned & another thing to know when shopping online. You must keep in mind that when the brand decides to shoot a piece of clothing, they already know the model they want to use for the shoot of that piece. This is mostly because of the models shape, height, and overall look that will help in the sales of that garment. This is the same way you have to think when purchasing clothes online. Don't buy items because they look good on the model. Picture yourself in the clothing and purchase the item because you feel it will look good on you!