3 Valentine's Day Looks - BooHoo.com

It is definitely that time of year. I'm sure you have spotted the many oversized teddy bears and thousands of chocolate candy lining the convenience and super stores. It is the time of year to celebrate true love and happiness.

I decided to make a mini look book of some great Valentines Day outfits that were all purchased from Boohoo.com All of these pieces (plus 4 more items) were purchased together for less than $100. Very affordable right? 

Although I will be spending this year without a significant other, I couldn't be more happier and in love with my self and my loved ones that I am blessed to have apart of my life. 

So, whether you will be spending this Valentines Day with your husband, boyfriend, or a few of your single friends be sure to do it in style. Remember to always be happy with what you have and not sad about the things you do not have. Have a happy Valentines Day, and I hope you guys enjoy these looks 😘

BooHoo Curve_1
BooHoo Curve_2
BooHoo Curve_3
BooHoo Curve_4
BooHoo Curve_5
BooHoo Curve_6
Plus Size Valentine_1
Plus Size Valentine_2
Plus Size Valentine_3