My First Post of 2018

Hey Guys,

I feel like it has been so long since I have written a blog post. Since that was the case, it is time to hop back on the bandwagon. So, I hope you guys had a very relaxing holiday last year, because as we know 2018 is a new year for new memories and experiences.

2018 is the best time to reevaluate your lives.

One day this week, I happened to sit and really think about how my year was in 2017. Now that I think about it, last year was not all that great to me.

What happened in 2017:

  • I lost 2 family members
  • received more work with no pay
  • Barely took care of myself physically or mentally
  • Allowed fear to hold me back in my business ventures
  • Did not spend much time with my family
  • Was not too smart with my finances
  • etc.

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Honestly, I can keep going with all of the things that I did wrong last year, but I would rather not. I basically want to grow up in 2018. Having confidence in yourself is such a beautiful thing, but it also means having self awareness.

As you may know, you don’t always have to wait until a new year to change old habits you would like to discard. On the other hand, nothing beats starting fresh in a new year. It promotes so much positivity and change. So here are some thing’s I plan to work on 2018.

What will happen in 2018:

  • Pray more and make God first in my life
  • Turn my back on fear
  • Socialize more with my family and other people
  • Look for a better job that respects my time and skill (and will pay me the salary I deserve)
  • Organize my space to improve my work
  • Be more consistent
  • Save more money

This is just a short list of all of the things I will do better in 2018. I am really happy that I have had the time of reflect on things that I can do better to get more out of life.

Never be afraid to self evaluate, and correct yourself. It is never to late to become a better person, and make sure you are living within your purpose. I want to encourage you guys to get on this journey with me.

In conclusion, be sure to follow God, focus on yourself, and make those changes to better your life.

What are somethings that you guys want to change during 2018?

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