How To Find Your Sexy!

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So yes, I have confidence, but it isn’t always that way. There are still many days when I do not like the way I look or feel. I honestly think that even BeyoncĂ© herself wakes up and is just not in the mood, because she isn’t feeling great about herself that day.

It sometimes seems impossible to find your sexy when there are so many people shouting out clues to tell you to change the way you look. Us plus size women get this message all the time from magazines, commercials, movies, and even people we pass on the street. 

We are told this when a plus size woman is constantly casted as the funny best friend and not the main character. Also, when our clothes are pushed to the back of the store nowhere near the windows so you won’t be seen by others walking by. You guys already know how far we have come from seeing insults like this every time we decide to pay attention…it is just so insulting.

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Because I know that I can have bad days all by myself, I refuse to allow any one else make me not feel beautiful or sexy. Here are some things that I do to get back to my sexy!

  1. Be positive when speaking to or of others. This will help you better recognize when someone speaks negatively.
  2. Take a picture of yourself on your best days, so that when your worst days come…you know what you are capable of.
  3. Have a beauty regime for a specific day once a week for personal self care.
  4. Play dress up in your sexiest clothes when you don’t feel great about yourself. 
  5. Surround yourself with positive people who will help you speak positivity to yourself.
  6. Only dress in ways you are comfortable with, because being uncomfortable in clothes never helped anyone.
  7. Always know that even when you have bad days, it happens to every woman and it does not mean that you are not attractive or sexy!

What are some things that help you guys get back to your sexy?