TheCurvyCon during NYFW | Day 2

There are those days where I really enjoy what I am doing, and being tired does not stop me from doing what I enjoy. The weekend of The Curvy Con was one of those seldom times.

I got the best sleep of my life on Friday night going into the second day of Curvy Con. I was actually more excited about this day than the first.

When it comes to speaking panels, I can become as happy as a kid on the last day of school. I typically learn more about myself, my business, and the politics of the plus size fashion industry when I am sitting and listening to some powerful players of the business speak on certain topics.

Cece Olisa moderated what turned out to be my favorite discussion panel called “Do It With The Lights On”. Though it may seem to have some sexual context, surprisingly the panel was not all about sex. These women talked about all areas of confidence, and sometimes the lack there of while being a plus size woman.

The panelists consisted of Whitney Way Thore, Ashley Nell Tipton, Loey Lane and Chanté B. The conversation these ladies were having felt as that of long time friends chatting amongst each other. It allowed for all of us to become comfortable and completely identify with what the panel was about.

The next discussion panel called “The Girl Boss Panel” really taught me a lot about how it’s not easy to start up a business. The ladies discussed their trials, tribulations and successes when creating the goals they dreamt of for so long. Lead by Claire Sulmers, the panel consisted of Gabi Greg, Nicolette Mason, CeCe Olisa and Chastity Garner.

I’ll admit I was one of the late ones to the “This Is Us” TV show bandwagon, but once I started watching it on Hulu I could not stop until I finished the season. I can’t explain how happy I am that I was able to see the show before seeing Chrissy Metz. She was such a ray of sunshine! Metz was so down to earth and back cracking funny. She sings everything, and I do mean everything. We happen to be best friends; she just doesn’t know it yet lol.

After the panels, we got into some more intense shopping and networking. I can’t begin to describe all of the great people I met on this day. I actually think God provided a cure to my awkward conversing mechanism. I met business women from across the world, Callie Thorpe who was the nicest person I have ever met (who also gave me some doughnut holes 🙂 ), and I learned so much when just being myself and talking to everyone.

Top | Forever 21 (similar)

Jeans | Seven 7 Jeans (similar)

To close out our last night together, there was a party at the Hudson Pier. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it due to having a great dinner with my good friend Cayla Jean.

So, I can close this post by saying I had more than a great time at Curvy Con. I would definitely suggest going next year if you’ve never been. Also, don’t be afraid to go alone. I went alone this year and I was blessed enough to leave with numerous friends. Sign up to The Curvy Con mailing list so you won’t miss out on information about next year’s event.

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