5 Ways To Achieve True Beauty

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I have learned so much from having low self esteem, and trying to build myself into the woman I want to be. So from personal experience I know when you are trying to gain confidence you are looking for things such as self worth, value, and beauty in yourself. Not everyone understands what goes through our minds when we just feel like we do not have a place in this earth. There is a sense of being lost and not in control of your feelings or direction in life. The situation is uncomfortable which sometimes make us behave uncomfortably. The beautiful thing about this journey is what you learn through your struggle. You completely learn how to redefine the beauty within yourself and your life. So because of this, I have decided to share with you guys some of the things that have helped me achieve true beauty mentally, physically, and emotionally.

1. Have some alone time regularly

It may seem like an oxymoron, but when you are trying to gain confidence it is important to have some alone time. This was the best way for me to really spend time with myself and my thoughts. I learned how to cheer myself up, create things to do, and how to be more productive. I learned my likes, dislikes, and why I did certain things. Being alone helped me become more concrete in my own beauty before going out into the world and it bombarding me with it’s beauty standards.

2. Stimulate your mind

I had to learn how to learn. When I was stuck in my rut I got too comfortable and stopped adding wisdom to my life. I forgot how beautiful knowledge is, not just in myself but in all things. While spending time alone I began to read more, meditate, watch more church services, and even turn off the television. Feeding my mind and spiritual health helped me feel more beautiful and valuable.

3. Build a beauty routine around your needs

Paying more attention to my physical appearance really helped my self esteem. It doesn’t mean you have to look a certain way to feel good, but taking care of your physical appearance does help bring you out of your funk. I started paying more attention to my skin routine and personal hygiene. When I relaxed in those areas, I noticed I would feel more insecure about myself in public. I began doing face masks once or twice a week, and use Vaseline lotion daily to add moisture to my sometimes dry skin. I use St. Ives facial scrubs once a week to keep my skin clear, and Summer’s Eve feminine wash to smell fresh through the entire day. 

4. Create your space

Knowing what atmosphere’s set me off was such an important lesson. I think everyone does what they want in their own space. For one, I am good at leaving clutter around my nightstand, on my floor, makeup table and my window seat. After decluttering my space and bringing in more natural light, I began to feel more productive. I made my space beautiful and I began to value it and myself much more than before.

5. Value your time and space

While making sure your living environment is helping you feel great, be sure not to forget about your physical space and time amongst friends. There have been many times I have had to reevaluate who I allow in my personal space, and who I spend my much valued time with. In friendships you are either going to be risen up or pulled down. Think about how certain relationships have impacted your life thus far, and then consider moving away from the relationships that brought negativity into it.

These are some of the ways I have brought true beauty and peace into my life. What are some ways that have helped you?


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