Plus Size Dresses by Eloquii – Part 2

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Dress | Studio Lace Fit and Flare dress 

Shoes | black pumps (similar)


I like to think that I am somewhat of an old soul. Listening to old school music such as Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, & Bootsy Collins are nothing short of good time for me. I believe in sitting in a crowd of the wise elders and just listening to what they have been through and all they have to say about life. To me this is one of the best ways of learning outside of living in general. Having an old spirit isn’t just about mannerisms, but style as well which brings me to this beautiful Studio Lace dress from Eloquii.

I don’t want to sound like I am over exaggerating, but these pictures do no justice to how flattering and beautiful this dress is in person. The ruffles lining the breast of the dress give me the old school feel that I look for in some of my evening wear. Everything about this dress speaks to my sense of personal style. From the black lace to the long bell sleeves, and from the knee length to the flare fit this dress makes me feel authentic and beautiful.

Even on this hot day the dress was very comfortable to wear. The lace allowed for a great amount of wind to blow through without it flying away and giving me Marilyn Monroe vibes. I paired the lace dress with a pair of black pointed toe pumps to help bring out the elegance of the black lace.

Wearing this studio dress has not only helped me connect to my personal style, but it has also helped me remember who I am and what kind of blogger I aim to be. This may seem a little too deep of a post for some of you, but the moment in these pictures while wearing this dress has reassured me that it is ok to not be like everybody else. Being more conservative is not a curse in this trendy world full of naked photos. Desiring to hide some of my imperfections is not a claim to having low self esteem, but a testament to knowing my comfort and being confident in it. 

I do not want to shout to my readers “Have confidence & be like me!!!”, when most days I am just like everyone else. My style is my personality, confidence, and comfort all in one. I love myself, I love being me, and I love some areas of my body…and that is human.

So, I vow to my readers to bring my true style, honest and imperfect, and hopefully it can still be a great inspiration to some of you.


Until Next Time My Loves,