3 Important Things I learned about Age

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So my birthday was this past Wednesday, March 15th and I turned 27. I have to say I’m super happy about still being in my twenties. Not too long ago, I talked to a family friend and she told me how concerned I have been with time, and making sure I get to certaIn levels at a certain age. It never dunned on me how much pressure I was putting on myself to meet a certain timeline when it came to my goals. So I wanted to share with you guys 3 things I have learned about age.

Age Isn’t Everything

I know you guys have heard people say things like “I want to be married by 26, and starting a family by 28”. Or even things such as “I want to be successful in my career by 30” I know I was one of those people. Thats why I used to press so hard about getting into a relationship with someone by a certain age so I can be on track. As if what God has planned for my life was not good enough.

Try not to put age limits on everything. In my experience, it has only added pressure to the goal and has a greater opportunity of pushing things further away. When I’m under so much pressure, I’m not my cool, calm and collected self. I tend to act as what I think I should be to get to the finish line of my goal. Does that make sense? When I meet my soon to be husband, or get my dream career started I want it to be witnessed through my true personality and fully enjoyed.

Let Go of the Control

I know it’s hard, but sometimes you have to go with the flow. For instance, lets say you are pressuring yourself to get married. Are you actually ready to get married to the person you’re with, or are you just ready to get married? Don’t hold on to people that don’t want to be in your life. Try not to force situations that are not meant for you, because you think you should have them or that it should be your turn.

I know I’m still fairly young and there are a ton of things I do not know and may never know. But what I do know is the tighter the grasp the more painful the hold. Many things happen for a reason, and I am comfortable with knowing that I may not always be aware of what the reasoning is. Yes we do have much control of our lives and where it is headed. Just don’t forget that some of our blessings come from moments we had no control over

Live Every Moment in the Moment

Sometimes we need to get out of our heads and just live in the moment. We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations in life (at least I hope we all do). Making calculated moves, building connections and investing in ourselves will always be on our minds. There is not a time in your life where you will think “I have everything I want and need, so now I can stop learning and living”. We will always have new goals and milestones no matter what.

With that being said, don’t forget to live your life. Don’t be so focused on planning that you never enjoy the moment. Some people work their butts off to get to a certain level in life, but when they make it they forget to enjoy it because they are so focused on achieving the next dream. We want to be 85 remembering all of the great moments we have had and how we felt in the midst of them.

I have taken these 3 lessons in and it has really freed up my mind and opened my heart to what ever is to come. Hopefully they do the same for you guys!