Winter Blackout

Dress: Turtleneck Midi Dress Pants: PS Leggings

Sometimes I hate that my favorite color to wear is black. Especially when I’m looking in a sea of black for a specific item that happens to be black! But that doesn’t keep me from wearing this dress every chance I get.

It was a little breezy this day, so I layered this Turtleneck midi dress from Rebdolls with some leggings from Forever 21 I make sure to keep in stock. This dress is really comfortable and has the right amount of stretch to hold its shape throughout the day. The all black look is so sleek, and can go with any casual or dressy event you may be attending. This is probably one of the main reasons why I love to wear this color.

Rebdolls always has a sale going on. Keep checking them out to stock up on todays trendy pieces. Check out some of my other favorite pieces from Rebdolls below.


My Rebdolls Favorites

“Actually No” 2 pieces legging set

“Petty” Hoodie

“Black Diamond” Gold Accent Set

Grisel “Chandeliers” Mermaid Gown

“Over It” Fleece Motor Jacket