Embrace your current body!

I know cuffing season is upon us, and many women are about to experience that fall/winter time attention. You’ll be going out on dates and become interested in your now significant other. (Either for the season or longer…who knows) In the midst of this, you guys will begin to go on more dates and hopefully become closer as time goes on. Allowing yourself to be comfortable for someone to show you how they feel about you sounds easy enough, but it is not as easy for those of us that have a hard time being comfortable with ourselves without the permission of others.

Now this is where things got tricky for me. I used to be so insecure with myself and my body. I would ask myself questions such as “What makes me attractive to him?” I would even look at my stomach in the mirror and just think that no one could possibly find me attractive with all this extra meat hanging from my mid section. I used to really tear myself down. Much of it came from not being the best I could be. I would allow my body to prevent me from doing things that I enjoyed such as going to the gym and being comfortable with dating.

What I begin to realize is I constantly categorized myself as a “big woman” instead of viewing myself as a woman first. I have decided to take out the “big” and “fat” and identify myself as a woman…period! Does that mean I am ashamed of being plus size…not even close! I love my curves, but they should not define who I am as a woman. I like things that many other women that are not my size also enjoy. Why should I limit myself to feeling uncomfortable in doing those things, because I happen to be a plus size woman?

So I am embracing my body. I am comfortable in the gym, in my body con dress, and especially with being attractive & even sometimes sexy. I don’t have to put on a show for anyone for approval and especially not those that won’t respect me for who I am as I am.

So, all of this is to say you will come across the man that has a problem with your weight. Whether you are your best self or not, you deserve to be respected! You deserve love, friendship, honesty, and you deserve to feel sexy at any size. Love yourself this season regardless of how your love life turns out. Do what I did. Dress up your bedroom sexy and take a photoshoot, and look through those pictures and say “Girl…you’re fine for no reason!!!”

I hope this helps some of you this season 🙂 Until next time my loves,

-Ashley B.

Shirt: Asos (similar here and here)

Socks: Torrid Ribbed knee high socks