Fitted Stripes on Plus Size Women?

I’ve heard many crazy things coming from ignorant people who think plus size women shouldn’t love themselves and their bodies…lets name a few.

  1. “Wear solid, dark colors.”
  2. “Why do plus size women wear tights as pants? Your body is not made for that.”
  3. “Why does she have those shorts on showing all of that cellulite?”
  4. And my favorite “She needs to sit her fat “so & so” down!”.

Well honey tell those nay sayers the day of the muumuu is over. (if you’re young & have never seen a muumuu, I have somewhat of an example below!)

Many plus size women are now embracing their figures and dressing them up in their own personal way. That includes wearing leggings as pants, shorts that show off our legs, and wearing fitted dresses such as this one. I got this Striped Body Con dress a while ago from Forever 21. When I wear it with the confidence I am meant to have, I get some head turns & smiles. (And what woman wouldn’t feel good about turning a few heads every now and then).

You want to know a personal delight of mine? I love to see a plus size woman owning her curves and showing how beauty and confidence can come in all shapes and sizes. Like when you’re walking through the mall and you happen to see a plus size woman rocking the clothes she has on! I like to give them a kudos and smile letting her know how awesome she is.

I encourage all of my readers to take a risk this weekend and embrace your body in your own personal way. Also, if you decide to browse the mall, check out some of my personal picks from Forever 21!

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BEHOLD…THE MUUMUU! And you feel just like this when you’re wearing it too…