The Importance of Having Confidence (Part 3)

Hello my loves,

In discussing the importance of having confidence we learned that you get to build a relationship with yourself. You also will begin to make better decisions for your life. And finally you will begin to notice your life has become tailor made for you. Let me go a little further with this one.

Steve Harvey has been like a hero to me. If you’ve never heard of him or his story, you definitely need to read it here. It wasn’t until he was about 28 when he made the choice to fight for his dream of being a comedian. He had total confidence in himself because he knew, no matter what, if he continued to be himself he would make it. Steve struggled for years before he made it to the successful man we see today. He worked countless jobs just to make ends meet, he flunked out of college, went through a divorce, lived in his car for about 3 years and much more. But through all of that he continued to have so much confidence in himself, his purpose, and God and he made it to be the millionaire you know today. He’s done comedy tours, hosted numerous television shows, has the Steve Harvey show, his own foundation, and much more.

Now I’m not saying that if you have confidence in yourself and your purpose you will have the same struggle Steve had. Actually, I am saying the total opposite. You will have your own story to success and happiness; whatever that may be in your eyes. You won’t have to have the validation of others to know what is right for your life. Confidence allows you to make the decisions and those decisions will allow your life to carry you to levels you never dreamt of.

But you can’t fly without the confidence to leap.


Until next time my loves,